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Join us for a panel discussion on Thursday, October 19th, to learn how you can leverage HR tech to help employees feel more welcomed and engaged during the on-boarding process.

As humans, we want to feel like we belong, that we’re a part of something, and that we have somewhere to come home to. It’s why on-boarding is such a huge issue across HR departments and for hiring managers. The real challenge is no longer just finding or even closing the talent, but getting them to stay. And in a market where offers continuously fly in and anyone is susceptible to headhunting, no one is safe.

And the answer is simple, make your people feel like they’re home and belong to something, and you’ll find that attrition rates slowly begin to fall.

Ready the troops

As in, make sure everyone knows that you have a new person joining. It gives people a collective responsibility to welcome, talk, and socialize with the latest addition. The last thing you want is the newest employee wandering the halls lost or having lunch alone. No one needs that.

Get online

Make sure your newest addition has their bio and picture uploaded on the company website the day they walk into the office. It’s a small touch, but it makes them feel welcome and already part of something.

Make lunch plans

Finding lunch on the first day in a new job is quite possibly the worst thing you’ll ever have to do. It’s just a fact. Make plans so that they’re not wondering around the area alone. Also, it’s a perfect opportunity to create sociable time and gives the team a chance to create meaningful relationships.

Starter packs

Everyone loves a swag bag and many companies are now putting welcome packs into their on-boarding process. It doesn’t have to be big, complex, or expensive, just small thoughtful touches. A hand-written card from the line manager, some coupons for the local lunch places, some fun facts about the fellow teammates, a new pair of socks, absolutely anything. Stretch your creativity and create a pack that fits with your culture and company personality.

Plan their schedule

At least for the first week. Schedule in meetings with the people they’re going to be working with so the minute they step through the door they have things to do and meetings to attend. A nice touch is to walk them to every meeting to do the initial introduction, and then leave them to get on with it.

Stop and ask

Check back with your new hire in the upcoming weeks to see how their finding the process and do it in an informal environment. Go grab a coffee or go for a walk. It will help them communicate how they really feel instead of just trying to impress you. It will also give you great cues as to how their doing and let you know if you need to up or lower the level of support.

Personalize everything

Putting someone’s name on something, anything, is an oddly powerful touch. Why do you think coke did it on their bottles? We once knew a company who had a personalized mug waiting on their new hires desk. That’s seriously smooth.

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