We are proud to announce that Personify has joined the WilsonHCG family, helping to ensure our clients have the very best partner to reach their talent goals. +++ Personify is proud to be on the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen list again! That’s six years in a row — 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. Not only were we one of the top 10 Enterprise RPO Providers, but this year was the first year we were placed on the Healthcare RPO list. +++

These awards have been an important part of building the company culture at Personify. It gives employees a chance to recognize one another for their hard work. It also gives nominated employees the opportunity to be recognized for doing an outstanding job in reflecting one of our seven Core Values.

Jordan Dean – Humility

“She’s a go-getter! I never hear her complain, and she is always willing to do more than expected to help the team stay on task in reaching our yearly goal. She exhibits humility on a daily basis, not only on the RPO, but also with what she does for the company and local community.”

Manny Hawkins – Ownership

“There were a lot of changes this quarter as far as structure, compensation, and career ladders. Manny was involved in all of this and was constantly in meetings and staying late in order to make sure everything made sense for everyone else in the office. Throughout this whole time, he would meet with everyone about any questions or concerns they had and never told anyone who asked him for a few minutes, no.”

Josiah Miller – Win

“I was working on a difficult search and reached out to Josiah for help. We met for 30 minutes to discuss keywords, details, my industry, and what a good candidate would look like. After that, he ran with the search and submitted three candidates to me who were all perfect. All three were at the final interview stage when I received a call from our client stating they wanted to offer two of the three. We closed the candidates on compensation, and they accepted their offers. These were his first direct sourced placements.

Ryan Gonyo – Integrity

“Ryan has owned his new role of running sales for MR. The ownership he has taken to revamp processes, technology, and team dynamics, while caring about all individuals on this side of the business, is truly appreciated at every level.”

Sara Zimora – Positivity

“One person pops into my brain when it comes to nominating them for this Core Value. I have had to ask questions about processes and understanding how things work here, and she has always given me her full attention and explained everything in detail. She has followed up with me and takes great pride in her work; she is constantly going above and beyond to make other people comfortable, even if it means it makes her day more hectic and chaotic. I know truly that I can come to Sara for anything and it will get done – if she can’t get it done, she will help me find a solution. I know that she protects confidentiality and carries herself with the utmost professionalism. I appreciate you being a wonderful person – you deserve this in every aspect.”

Fred Hutchinson – Family

“Tim Reed has been out for a few weeks with surgery, and I have really seen Fred step up to the plate. With Tim out, Fred has been at the top of the call list for weeks and has really made sure Tim can walk away to heal his knee. Fred is a diligent worker, adamant about getting his work done and takes his output very seriously. It’s great to see him back and part of our family again. He sets a great example for our less tenured people by setting the bar high and sticking to it. Great job, Fred!”

Cam Lowry – Yardage

“I have been working with Cam for less than a month, and I immediately noticed his dedication, work ethic, and attention to detail. It didn’t take too long to find out how much effort and care he puts into his work. If he does something, he wants it to be done right and for all parts to be thought out before any actions were made.”

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