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AI in Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence isn’t as far off as it sounds: just think of the number of times a day a given person asks their phone to look something up or instructs their smart speaker to do a command. In fact, though it’s not widely used quite yet, research from Adobe reports “today, just 15% of enterprises are using AI. But 31% said it is on the agenda for the next 12 months.”

AI presents itself as a valuable tool for recruiters because of its ability to simplify tasks and turn numbers into real, actionable data. With the help of our partner, Peakon, we use AI’s data collection capabilities to provide our customers with every aspect of our cylindrical recruitment strategy. Peakon’s software collects data on employees’ feedback and helps our clients turn this information into effective actions. This improves retention delivering greater profitability through less downtime and hiring costs.

Peakon’s software gives employees a voice using a bottom-up approach, providing data that empowers managers to make actionable changes in real-time. These insights help reduce regrettable churn, make improvements (quickly) which help clients foster a better organizational culture in a more efficient way. We use the software’s feedback to learn our clients’ culture as if it were our own, creating a deeper understanding of whom to hire and where best to focus funding the best talent for our clientele.

As AI increases in popularity, here are some important stats to consider:

-According to technology industry market research firm Vanson Bourne on behalf of Teradata,  80 percent of respondents report that some form of AI is already in production in their organization, although 42 percent say that there is room for further implementation across the business.

41% of HR managers say not fully automating manual processes has led to lower productivity.

As reported by SHRM, more than half of surveyed job seekers are comfortable with the idea of interacting with machine-learning chatbots and other AI applications during the hiring process.

Recruitment marketing/employment branding

As 2019 continues, more RPO agencies will continue to turn their focus toward their brand to answer the question of how their employees interact with it, as well as their clients. At Personify, we know in the midst of an increasingly skilled labor shortage, driving candidate and employee engagement to ensure an organization meets its hiring goals is readily achievable.

Employment branding is the process of establishing the perception of what it is like to work at your organization among future and current employees. It is built around your company’s unique history, mission, core values, culture, and benefits. The goal of employment branding is to create an image in the minds of potential employees that your organization, above others, is a great place to work.

Because being characterized as a great place to work has little value in attracting talent if no one knows it, recruitment marketing tactics showcase your company’s employment brand and build awareness, interest, and desire among passive candidates. Recruitment marketing no longer involves simply advertising openings; it is a tactical function that often bears more resemblance to an ad for products than jobs. By selling your organization’s image and promoting its benefits, recruitment marketing can be used to influence the buyer decision of a job seeker to consider your company.

Along those lines, in an article on HRO Today that our own Elizabeth Black is quoted in, Marta Chmielowicz writes, “Recruitment professionals now have a new job: to influence talent by strategically driving brand awareness and sentiment in ways that have typically belonged to the marketing world. Organizations that are able to paint an honest and authentic picture of their employee value proposition (EVP) and employment brand can turn a cultural advantage into a competitive advantage.”

As a recruitment solutions provider, Personify’s brand has a unique competitive advantage that’s ahead of the curve: our internal initiatives to create rewarding, inspiring hiring and employee experiences for our people often mirror our goals to help our clients build engaged, inclusive, successful teams. We strive to do internally the same things we partner with our clients to help them achieve at their organizations — empowering great people to accomplish great things. Knowing the ROI in investing in both your people and brand, we predict more of this from other companies as the year goes on.

We combine industry expertise with data-driven recruitment analytics to become flexible and collaborative extensions of our customers’ employment brands. To learn more about how we can help your organization, click here.

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