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Personify TDBC Partnership Announcement

RALEIGH, NC – The Triangle Diversity Business Council (TDBC) and Personify have formalized a partnership to advance the work of making the Triangle the most diverse and inclusive business environment in the country. Together, the organizations will demonstrate that the Triangle can cultivate one of the richest talent pools in the nation and create dynamic work environments built on the values of diversity and inclusion.

“Personify is excited to be a founding corporate sponsor of the TDBC,” says Dana Kuhn, Head of People, Strategy, and Partnerships at Personify. “Beyond the typical ‘good for business’ reasons for why it’s necessary to ensure that an organization is ready to meet the rapidly changing demographics of its workforce and customer base, we know from our experience that a commitment to diversity, and more importantly, inclusion, is vital to the strength of a company’s culture. At Personify, it’s important to us to have this commitment at all levels, from intern to CEO, and to share this work more widely—with our clients, our community, and the TDBC. We hope to bring deep industry experience, an open source approach to sharing resources on reducing bias in hiring, and a data-driven, engagement-focused approach to building a culture of inclusion.”

The TDBC and Personify partnership will specifically help build the infrastructure and capacity of the TDBC to expand its membership and help carry out its mission. Through convening and sharing of best practices, Personify will assist in the development of resources and trainings related to recruiting and retaining top talent.

“Personify’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in their own company, as well as their commitment to advancing this important work with their clients, makes them a great partner for the Triangle Diversity Business Council,” says Christopher Gergen, co-founder of TDBC.  “Through their subject matter expertise and willingness to roll up their sleeves and get involved, Personify will greatly benefit our collective efforts to attract, develop, and retain highly qualified diverse talent across the region.”

Personify will also serve on the TDBC Board of Advisors. Dana Kuhn will bring her wealth of experience in employment law and policy, organizational culture, and talent development. Dana has over 10 years of experience in executive people operations with SF Bay Area tech startups and nonprofits such as Location Labs, Citizen Engagement Lab, and hi5 Networks. Dana holds a J.D. from UCLA Law School and an LLM from UC Berkeley School of Law specializing in employment law; her postgraduate research focused on organizational responses to equal employment policies.  In addition to leading Personify’s people and talent function, she advises multinational clients on best practices in hiring, retention, and diversity initiatives.

Additionally, this partnership will bring on Reggie A. McCrimmon as a consultant for the TDBC. Reggie will work closely with Co-Founders Christopher Gergen and Ken Lewis in the expansion of the organization. Reggie is a former Congressional Aide for the Congressional Black Caucus and currently the Social Entrepreneur in Residence for HQ Community where he leads diversity and inclusion efforts.

The Triangle Diversity Business Council

Transforming the Triangle into the most diverse and inclusive business environment in the country. We believe that diversity unlocks innovation and drives business growth. Who you are, where you come from, and what you’ve experienced influences the way you perceive opportunities and solve problems.  Diverse teams at every level in an organization, in which all are valued, respected and have access to the same opportunities, create a dynamic work environment that inspires creativity and innovation, and empowers all to perform their best.  We focus on technical assistance, networking & learning and marketing and communications.


Personify is a global, industry-recognized talent acquisition services provider that takes a strategic and data-driven Talent Relationship Management approach to solving an organization’s hiring challenges. By applying a holistic strategy that combines understanding market trends, past performance, and predictive analytics, Personify’s Integrated Talent Platform empowers employers to be proactive, rather than reactive, to the challenges of talent development. We provide best in class: predictive workforce planning, talent pipelining, strategic sourcing, and real-time employee engagement analytics to deliver scalable, on-demand recruitment solutions to customers. 

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Triangle Diversity Business Council 
January 25, 2018

Reggie A. McCrimmon, Triangle Diversity Business Council

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