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As tuition fees continue to rise alongside the entrepreneur’s fan club, people see less need for a three or four-year stint inside a lecture hall because actually, how useful is a knowledge of Shakespeare’s greatest sonnets or the theories of Socrates? Does it help in modern business, and specifically when dealing with clients and candidates?

According to Laszlo Bock, Google’s senior vice president, good grades are great, but they’re “worthless as a criterion for hiring.” A person’s ability to memorize and regurgitate facts is all well and good, and naturally helpful, but it doesn’t determine their skills or abilities or emotional intelligence or problem-solving capabilities. None of the things that we so highly prize in the business world today.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Good grades are great, but they’re “worthless as a criterion for hiring. -Laszlo Bock”” quote=”Good grades are great, but they’re “worthless as a criterion for hiring.” -Laszlo Bock”]

But wait…

Of course, a degree is useful, needed, and necessary in certain situations. For example, if you’re training to be a doctor or an engineer, these are things that you should absolutely go to university for and study for an extended period of time. Mainly because, the things you learn within that time frame will be utilized every single day in your workplace.


Previously, no Bachelor’s degree has been dedicated solely to recruitment, and therefore, the argument about whether it’s needed is still prevalent. Of course, a degree builds up useful skills that are helpful in the workplace, like time management, working to deadlines, and research to name a few, but aren’t you going to learn those skills in the workplace anyway?


You don’t need a degree to be a great recruitment consultant. There have been incredible big billers and leaders that never set foot in a higher education institution, and similarly, great recruiters come from a variety of background. At the end of the day, it’s always going to be at the discretion of your employer and what their policy is. However, today more and more agencies are cottoning on to the fact that not all youngsters want to spend extra years in education and would rather learn on the job and start their career early. As we all know, there’s heaps of famous billionaires, Bill Gates for instance, that never finished university.

Ambition is a potent force, and if you’ve got it and the drive to build yourself up, maybe university isn’t for you and maybe you would benefit from diving straight into the world of recruitment. After all, if you want to succeed in recruitment, rise to the top, and earn heaps of money on the way, ambition and drive might be the only two things you need to start off.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you want to succeed in recruitment, ambition and drive might be what you need to start.” quote=”If you want to succeed in recruitment, ambition and drive might be what you need to start.”]

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