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2:15 pm – Closing remarks from Michael Haley with the Wake County Economic Development organization, and audience breaks out into discussion groups (Advocacy, Talent, Education, Funding, Arts & Technology, Connecting the Triangle, and Parking).

2:07 pm – Q: “What is advice you would give younger innovators?”

Hayes: “As a first time entrepreneur, I have made a ton of mistakes. One lesson I learned is whatever solution you are introducing, bring it out to the world as soon as possible; it does not have to be a perfect idea. When innovating, the most important thing is engagement with your audience. That interaction and engagement allows you to make that solution one the audience actually wants.”

Mitchell: “What is perceived as a threat, see it instead as an opportunity.”

Miller: “Be prepared for 100 no’s for every 1 yes. Be driven by passionate and persistent, not emotion.”

2:04 pm – “Saying no to things is a lazy answer. We need to find creative ways to say yes to things.” Kageyama

1:57 pm – Q: “What is one thing you would change about Raleigh?”

Miller: “Both projects I have worked on there was a lot of frustration with the local government and their lack of support or help to figure out problems. I think the government should embrace working together not challenging new ideas/initiatives.”

Hayes: “There are a lot of resources for coaching for start-ups, and the community is collaborative. However, for really early businesses, there are very limited number of local investors, and that puts us at a disadvantage.”

1:55 pm – Q: “What new project on the horizon for Raleigh are you most excited about?”

Kumar: “Dix Park.”

Miller: “Connectivity in the entrepreneurial community.”

Mitchell: “More music venues.”

1:45 pm – The panelists are walking to the stage: John Hayes (RewardStock), Cheetie Kumar (Garland/Kings), Justin Miller (WedPics/El Taco Cartel), Dr. Cicely Mitchell (The Art of Cool Project), and Dr. Randy Woodson (NC State). Peter Kageyama is the moderator.

1:43 pm “Core of innovation is not looking at the problem in the same way and not being satisfied with the way things are.” Kageyama

1:35 pm – “Social innovators play a crucial role in creating love for a city. You need someone to unjam the system of rules to create a more lovable city. They look at the problem in a different way.” Kageyama

1:28 pm – “Love notes cities give citizens are small things that have big outside impact and social interaction. Examples are: Lawn on D in Boston, bike ramp/bench and Disney murals in Downtown Raleigh, dog parks, Mice on Main in Greenville, SC, Millennium Park in Chicago, and ‘Marry Durham’ sign.” Kageyama

1:22 pm – “How to build the lovable city? You make it functional, safe, comfortable, convivial, interesting, and fun.” Kageyama

1:20 pm – “When more people start saying the love this city, the more people will feel it.” Kageyama

1:20 pm – Kageyama takes the stage and asks “why do you innovate? money, fame, necessity, and love.”

1:18 pm – David Booth from Wells Fargo introduces the keynote speaker, Peter Kageyama, the author of For the Love of Cities.

1:15 pm – Mary-Ann Baldwin welcomes the crowd to the 6th annual Innovate Raleigh Summit, noting that “the Summit hopes to be the catalyst, connector, and convener of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Triangle.”


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