We are proud to announce that Personify has joined the WilsonHCG family, helping to ensure our clients have the very best partner to reach their talent goals. +++ Personify is proud to be on the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen list again! That’s six years in a row — 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. Not only were we one of the top 10 Enterprise RPO Providers, but this year was the first year we were placed on the Healthcare RPO list. +++

We know our clients need to find the most qualified candidates, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Personify’s unique approach to recruitment does this while building greater efficiencies, stronger networks, and more accurate results over time.

To shed light on great recruiting versus recruiting focused on filling roles to meet a quota, we interviewed Matt Ward, our Senior Manager in our Enterprise RPO department.

Personify: What are the markers of recruiting that’s based on quantity versus quality?

Matt Ward:

Companies need to get out of a reactive recruiting mindset. We live in a world of on-demand, yet most companies don’t start the actual recruiting process until the incumbent has already left the company.

We believe that traditional recruitment methodologies are set up wrong. With the unemployment rate quickly approaching sub 4%, we expect it to become increasingly more difficult to attract and retain top talent.

To overcome this challenge, employers must take a proactive approach to prepare for the workforce they’ll need in the future. Furthermore, not providing personalized candidate care, and ultimately giving your candidates a bad experience, is a bad habit of many recruiters.

Companies and recruiters need to think of their candidates as customers and strive to deliver a first-class experience 100% of the time.

PFY: What recruitment tips are necessary for long-term success?


In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, taking a very targeted and proactive approach is a must. This means starting the recruitment process well before there is an opening.

In an effort to continuously improve our process, we do VOC (voice of candidate) surveys to silver medalist surveys (runners-up) to keep a pulse on the candidate experience we are providing.

Additionally, we have a team of SHRM-certified HR Generalists that are responsible for streamlining onboarding process and act as a resource for candidates during the often unnerving transition into a new role.

PFY: How does Personify continue to craft its technique and grow?


We lean on our customers and trusted partners to give us candid feedback, telling us what is working and what is not.

We recently launched a new solution in talent pipelining where we are able to help clients build talent communities that match their particular organizational structure and needs. Ultimately, our objective is to build passive candidate pools and keep them engaged on an ongoing basis. This enables our clients to build their employment brand and have access to “ready now” talent. Again, moving away from the reactive methodology.

With the average recruiting experience of our team being approximately 4 years, our employees play an active role in developing ideas and initiatives to improve our internal and external process. In 2017, we began to mobilize employee-led committees to focus on areas like innovation, training, and process improvements.

PFY: What makes our approach to recruiting unique?


Personify takes a lot of pride in providing next-generation talent solutions to our clients. Whether it’s talent pipelining, on-demand recruitment, or using employee engagement to predict turnover, we are always looking for innovative ways to separate us from our competitors.

The Personify Talent Acquisition Platform, which encompasses talent pipelining, on-demand recruitment, process support, and employee engagement, is the wave of the future when it comes to how companies attract, recruit, and retain top talent.  

Our recruitment solution strategy is fueled by four decades of acquiring intimate knowledge of the industries we serve. Like Matt, the leaders of our practices have real-world experience in the actual market segments in which they recruit, so they understand both the technical and the cultural fit that’s required.

Our subject matter expertise, coupled with our expansive networks, leads to more informed consultation on finding the best candidate possible for our clients.

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