We are proud to announce that Personify has joined the WilsonHCG family, helping to ensure our clients have the very best partner to reach their talent goals. +++ Personify is proud to be on the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen list again! That’s six years in a row — 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. Not only were we one of the top 10 Enterprise RPO Providers, but this year was the first year we were placed on the Healthcare RPO list. +++

But glory comes in many forms, and there’s plenty of it to be had in the world of recruitment. So if you’ve just graduated, or you’re fed up in your current job and thinking about a career change, we’ve made a little list to help you figure out if this is the right job for you. We give fair warning however, this list is candid, brutally honest and only for the brave:

You get what you give

Okay YES, the rumors are true; you can make a lot of money in recruitment. The joy here is that you will get whatever you put in. It’s one of the only careers out there in which that’s true. It’s also one of the only careers out there where you can make more money than your boss. If you want to work the extra hours and put in extra days and nights, you will see the money in your bank increase, and that’s a beautiful thing. It’s all on you.

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It’s not all about the money, though.

You’re absolutely right, it’s not. There is indeed more to life. However, when you’ve been a broke student for four years, it doesn’t always feel like it, but we promise you it’s true. If you want to make a difference in somebody’s life, helping them get a job and change their stars is one of the most gratifying ways to do it. Apart from getting married, having a child and buying a house, few things have a bigger impact on an individual or their family than getting a new job. Perhaps they can afford to take their family on their first vacation now. Maybe they can now afford their dream home. You might have given them more time to spend with their loved ones. Whatever it is, you’ve somehow changed their life for the better, and it’s immensely rewarding.

It’s all business baby!

If you’re more interested in changing the course of a business rather than people individually, recruitment is still the job for you. If revenue, bottom line impact and productivity are all business terms that turn you on, you’re in the right place. Nothing has a greater impact on the success of a business than the people it employs. Once upon a time, recruiters would get a job description from the business and go find the person who fit it perfectly. Our clients still value our ability to get down to the nitty gritty to deliver them the perfect candidate, but our roles have evolved and grown. Now we also work with senior executives and decision makers to consult on their company’s “big picture” talent acquisition strategy as it relates to achieving business objectives. You will never learn more about business, than when you’re in the thick of recruitment, building an organization.

Oh my gosh you know them?

That’s exactly what people will say to you when you work in this crazy industry. You suddenly go from knowing no one, to having a network that is the envy of everyone you know. One day you might be recruiting for a startup, the next day for a Fortune 500 company. You will sit with CEOs, founders, creators, techies, and the best in business. You will place people who you’re still friends with five years down the road. Recruitment is an incredible web of people that are all somehow linked to you. It’s why we’re paid by some of the best businesses out there. They are paying us not only for what we know, but who we know.

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If any of the above things sound like they might be right up your alley, feel free to reach out. Just shoot us a tweet, comment, like, email or whatever. You’re smart, you know how to find us.

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