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Effective Communication

Being a part of a team means effectively communicating with people whose strengths and abilities may be in different areas than yours. But what things can you do to make sure you do your best at communicating at work? Consider the following tips to unite with your coworkers and do the best job possible.

Know Yourself, Know Your Work

The Myers Briggs Personality Type test isn’t scientifically proven to be accurate, but identifying facets of our personality helps lead to a better understanding of ourselves, both inside the office and out. Knowing your personality type can help you gain new skills, understand workplace dynamics and culture, and cope with change in the workplace.

The Effect of Affect

Okay, we’re not going to lie. We’ve definitely had those Mondays where you roll into the office, and, well, it feels like someone’s got a case of the Mondays.

You know what we mean; the type of day where it feels like nothing can go right. You snoozed your alarm too many times, someone cut you off on the way into the office, and then you spill coffee on your white shirt, all within a couple of hours.

While it’s normal to have a bad day here and there, how can routinely bad days affect your team? What’s the effect of letting a bad mood affect your work environment? Learn more here.

Underperforming Employees

In an ideal world, every employee gives 110% every time. Management and HR never have to intervene, and business is steadily conducted as usual. As wonderful as that world sounds, we all know it’s not reality, and sometimes, even the most valued employees fail to meet expectations.

What are the markers of an underperformer and how does it happen? Read more to find out.

Working Too Hard Is Unsustainable

There’s a big difference between doing hard work well and working too hard.

In 2013, Cambridge University conducted an interview with three of its researchers on hard work and what happens when we do too much of it.

When asked how would they define “working too hard” and why humans continue to do it, Dr. Jochen Menges defined working too hard as putting too much effort into one’s work, day after day, month after month, without opportunities to reflect and recharge. Here’s how to work smarter, not harder in 2019.

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