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Comment by Chris Walsh, Director of Marketing

I came across a helpful article on Glassdoor about the benefits of employer branding. The article reminds us a strong employer brand is “essential to recruiting and retaining quality talent in any market.”

It then lists five key benefits of a strong employer brand:

  • Strong employer brands stand out from competitors
  • Employer branding attracts top candidates
  • Branded content moves candidates down the funnel, saving recruiters time
  • Employer branding builds credibility with candidates, potential investors, and customers
  • Employer branding helps candidates choose the right fit, which boosts retention

The benefits listed are highly desirable, but for the most part, they leave out an essential target audience for employer branding: current employees. At Personify, we know branding isn’t what you say; it’s what you deliver.

Imagine a company spends all its employer branding efforts messaging candidates about its ideal work environment and then doesn’t fulfill the promise when employees show up for work. In that case, you can increase churn and decrease retention.

As a former advertising agency executive, I know nothing kills sales faster than great advertising for an inferior product. It raises expectations and creates disappointment when the product doesn’t deliver. And what happens then? Customers, in this case, employees, start telling others not to buy, and negative reviews on social media increase while employer ratings tank. And we all know bad news travels fast. So, by all means, build your employer brand and message it, but don’t ever forget to deliver it.

See Glassdoor’s article “The ROI of Employer Branding” below.

The ROI of Employer Branding

2. Employer branding attracts top candidates.

Candidate quality is a top priority for every hiring manager. In any economy – but especially during a decline – it’s critical to actively foster and nurture a reputation as a great place to work so you draw the best job seekers from an oversaturated pool of candidates. The good news is that boosting your employer branding efforts can have an immediate positive impact on attracting quality candidates.

Action plan: Leverage your Enhanced Profile to showcase branded photos and videos, and integrate your social channels so that candidates get a 360 degree view of your work culture and environment. With dynamic videos and photos that demonstrate why talent should choose you over your competitors, you have a powerful advantage for attracting the best people from a diluted talent pool.

3. Branded content moves candidates down the funnel, saving recruiters time and money.

When candidates view jobs alongside branded content that helps them qualify themselves, your company reaps the benefits in the form of higher quality applicants and lower recruiting costs.

Action plan: Customize your Enhanced Profile with a “Why Work With Us” tab. Include messaging that speaks to key initiatives your company is implementing, shares details about the kind of innovation your company fosters, and informs job seekers about any type of corporate responsibility your organization takes part in.

4. Employer branding builds credibility with candidates,  potential investors and customers.

High-quality candidates consult Glassdoor reviews to get an inside look at what it’s like to work at your company and find a job that fits their life and career aspirations. The reviews they see influence their perception of your company.

Your employer brand can also impact whether potential investors and customers want to invest with you and do business with you.

63% of consumers refuse to buy products and services from a company they do not trust. Conversely, 80% of consumers choose to buy from companies they trust, and will recommend those companies to others. (1)

Action plan: Make sure the first review candidates see is from someone with whom they can identify. With an Enhanced Profile, you can feature a review of your choice to ensure that it always appears at the top of the list.

Pro tip: Respond to Glassdoor reviews to improve how candidates, potential investors and customers perceive your company. The vast majority (80%) of Glassdoor users agree their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review. (2)

5. Employer branding helps candidates choose the right fit, which boosts retention.

Your employer brand can help you attract candidates that will have long-term success at your company. The more personalized and transparent your employer branding efforts are, the more equipped candidates are to choose the right job for them.

Action plan: One size does not fit all when it comes to employer branding. Glassdoor’s Audience Targeting allows you to deliver a personalized view of your Enhanced Profile and Sponsored Jobs to different  audiences based on their occupation. Your photos, videos and branded content will change dynamically based on the job seeker researching your company.

Glassdoor users have a greater retention rate.(3)

A strong employer brand is worth its weight in recruiting gold. By taking these simple steps to make your employer brand irresistible, your company can more easily attract the informed candidates that will move your business forward.

Credit: Glassdoor

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