We are proud to announce that Personify has joined the WilsonHCG family, helping to ensure our clients have the very best partner to reach their talent goals. +++ Personify is proud to be on the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen list again! That’s six years in a row — 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. Not only were we one of the top 10 Enterprise RPO Providers, but this year was the first year we were placed on the Healthcare RPO list. +++

1. A Culture of Camaraderie

Saying “Having friends is important!” is akin to needing a coat when it’s cold out, but a surprising number of managers often overlook why a connected team matters. Cultivate camaraderie at your organization in big and small ways. Your employees will stay engaged and go home with a smile on their faces.


2. Talent vs. Grit


If you’ve watched the 2018 Winter Olympics, you likely saw a new iteration of Samsung’s, “Do What You Can’t” commercials. The one-minute ad spot showcases the trials and tribulations of success, from a baby walking to a little girl riding a bike. The ad perfectly accompanied the Olympics, an event where natural talent abounds, and practice makes perfect.

We decided to dig into the research trying to pinpoint what makes people successful, both Olympic athletes and those of us whose job doesn’t require careening down a snow-covered mountain. It turns out, there’s more to success than natural ability alone.


3. The Effect of Affect

Okay, we’re not going to lie. We’ve definitely had those Mondays where you roll into the office, and, well, it feels like someone’s got a case of the Mondays.

You know what we mean; the type of day where it feels like nothing can go right. You snoozed your alarm too many times, someone cut you off on the way into the office, and you spilled coffee on your white shirt, all within a couple of hours.

While it’s normal to have a bad day here and there, how can routinely bad days affect your team? What’s the effect of letting a bad mood affect your work environment? Find out, here.


4. Make Your Internship More Like an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships and internships bear similarities, yet provide two opposite paths toward a career.

While most hires headed toward an HR role will come prepared with a college internship under their belt, structuring your internship program like an apprenticeship will provide more benefit to your company and the intern.


5. Employment Branding: The Differentiator

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the ratio of unemployed persons per job opening is 1:1, and more jobs are becoming available at the same time fewer candidates are entering the job market. To compete, employers must differentiate themselves in the talent market, but how? Employment branding is the answer.


6. Corporate Wellness Programs: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In recent years, many organizations have shifted their corporate wellness initiatives from a “one-size fits all” solution to a more customizable, systematic approach that focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle from a variety of angles, including physical and mental health – but why and how should you implement a revamped wellness program at your company? Find out by clicking here.


7.  The Vitality of Inclusion

A commitment to diversity, and more importantly, inclusion, is vital to the strength of a company’s culture.

Personify’s core commitment to promoting diversity in the workplace shapes how we do business, internally and externally.

We have built a relationship with the Triangle Diversity Business Council to advance the work of making the Triangle the most diverse and inclusive business environment in the country. Together, we are demonstrating that the Triangle can cultivate one of the richest talent pools in the nation and create dynamic work environments built on the values of diversity and inclusion. Here’s why your company should do the same.


8. Balancing Work/Life Integration

On the third Thursday of every month, speakers from The Research Triangle Park’s three founding universities, local companies, and the community at-large are called upon to take the stage to speak passionately about what matters to them.

At July’s RTP180 our own Dana Kuhn, Head of People, Strategy, and Partnerships, took the stage to discuss the significance of work/life integration and building an inclusive culture for professional parents.

View her presentation to learn about why cultivating an environment for working-parents is critical to any business’s operation and what we do at Personify to support our team.


9. Selecting the Perfect Home Base

10 years after rebranding as Personify, our company packed up our offices in Cary, North Carolina, and headed east into the heart of neighboring-city, Raleigh. We set up shop in a newly-renovated historic warehouse known as the Dr. Pepper Complex in downtown Raleigh and have been here ever since.

We moved for a variety of reasons. For one, we outgrew our former space and needed somewhere to house our company of 70+ people. Beyond that, we knew we wanted to be in a city like Raleigh to attract the young, energetic professionals for which the town is so well known.

Click here to read some of the things we love about our home base.


10. How HR Can Help Eliminate Bias

Earlier this year, HR Drive reported that #SHRM18 keynote speaker Sheryl Sandberg made powerful comments on bias that had a lasting effect on attendees. As the last keynote speaker of the conference, Sandberg pointedly noted that bias can block real discussion about inclusion, and employed HR to lead the charge in eliminating bias and creating meaningful discussion.

“It is not equal for women. It is not equal for people of color,” Sandberg told the crowd. “It is not equal for mothers. If you are a black mother who is working, you have all the biases against you.”

We’ve discussed at length Personify’s core commitment to promoting diversity in the workplace, internally and externally, via our core principles and our relationship with the Triangle Diversity Business Council. What Sandberg’s comments highlight is that frequently our biases are deeply ingrained to the point of going unnoticed, and not all bias openly presents itself, even in the presence of diversity.


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